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Word Blurb

The BoogeyMann – by Bennie Newsome

This story begins with a curious introduction to the Mann family, by all accounts an average, respectable family who have developed an odd way of disciplining their children – Mr. And Mrs. Mann are dead set against lying, stealing, cheating and bullying, but they don’t believe in physical discipline so theygo to some extremes to counter such behaviour. Despite this, two of their three children, Chloe and Benjamin, still manage to break the rules on a regular basis, landing themselves in trouble. The third child, Kayla, a do-gooder and rule-keeper, finds herself the victim of a bully.

Mr. Mann’s solution to his disobedient children and Kayla’s bully is certainly not orthodox, and his methods, we eventually learn, have proven problematic in the past. The story lends new meaning to “cruel and unusual punishment,” as we get to experience his unusual parenting methodology first hand.

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