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This post isn’t really entertainment, nor is it informative. I’m just here to vent some steam.

So Shardae orders something on I’m not a fan of online ordering, because I prefer to take my purchases home right away instead of waiting to have it delivered. Shardae, on the other hand, prefers not to have to deal with people. Anyway, she makes her purchase and it states that it’ll take twenty-one days for the items to be delivered. That’s a very long time, we both think, but we reluctantly accept. What else can you do? Well, yesterday was supposed to be the day of delivery. Two days prior, she received an email stating that she would get a call from a delivery person to arrange a time to have the items delivered. She never received that call so yesterday I’m wait from morning to noon, but no truck appears. Shardae calls to inform me that she received a phone call from some guy. He says that the item won’t arrive until some time between 5:30 and 7:30 because of some trouble they’re having with a delivery truck. I’m disappointed, but I understand things happen. 5:30 arrives and I’m back on the lookout for the truck. Shardae comes home around 6 o’clock and we’re both looking for the truck. By 8:00 we’re like, “What the hell?” About 8:30, a truck appears, but its way down the street and there’s no BestBuy logo on the truck. Is that them, I wonder. When the trucks drives away from our apartment complex I think nothing else of it. We don’t have a monopoly on receiving packages over here at The Abbey. So Shardae and I wait and wait and wait then we go to bed around 10 — without delivery or a courtesy phone call.

This morning I feel a bit better, because of course we have priority since our package (which is paid for) was not delivered when promised. I wait until 12:30 before I call customer service who has no idea what’s going on. The guy who called yesterday calls Shardae at 1 o’clock to say he showed up at the wrong apartment and left. Is that really how business works? Really?! Shardae tells him that we saw a large truck (down the street, mind you), but it didn’t have a BestBuy logo on it. “Yep, that was us,” he says. Really?! Well, he offers to delivery it this weekend. Shardae asks if there’s anyway he can deliver it today seeing as its paid for (both the product and the delivery cost). He gives her a bunch of bull about the truck being used in deliveries outside the area, but if she really wants it delivered today he can do it at 9 o’clock, P.M.. Shardae says that fine. When she tells me about the conversation she had with the delivery guy, I’m seething with rage and wishing I had the opportunity to speak with him. I probably wouldn’t have gotten it delivered no earlier, but that wasn’t my purpose in wanting to talk to him. I simply wanted to give him a piece of my mind. Since I couldn’t tell him how I felt, I left a review on BestBuy’s site — almost the length of this flash story. I didn’t say what I wanted to say because I didn’t want to include cuss words and give them a reason to exclude my post. And just in case they decide to scrap it anyhow, I came to my blog to vent.

Alright, so after all that happens I’m fuming and surfing the net and I notice that Shardae has three new emails. Two of them are from BestBuy, letting us know that the delivery was rescheduled for next Tuesday. The hell you say!  I told Shardae, “If the delivery doesn’t come tonight, we’ll go over there to the BestBuy in Hoover to get our refund,” since the product is paid for and just sitting there.

You show up late… at the wrong apartment (and if it wasn’t so far down the street, I would have approached the truck and asked if they had the right place)… then you drive away without so much as a phone call to say, “We’re here in a nondescript truck, but we have the wrong place. Can you direct us?” Sticks and Stuff called to ask for directions when they delivered. I watched one guy who worked for Pizza Hut run (actually run!) up and down the sidewalk from apartment to apartment until he found the right one, and you better believe he got a good tip. But BestBuy knocks on the wrong door then drives away and never calls to explain what happened. I have to call customer service, who calls the store (because we had no idea what store the shipment would be coming from since we ordered it online), before the guy calls to say we showed up, we (meaning them) weren’t there, and so we left because we did all we knew to do. Get the fudge out of here!


–The Ravings of an Extremely Madman


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Every once in a while, I’ll read some crappy piece of writing that makes me scowl at the Independent Presses. Then I come across writing like that in Little Bernie’s Map and I think Independent Presses aren’t all bad. Of course, Little Bernie’s Map was not published by an Independent Press, but you understand what I’m saying.

I met Troy (virtually, mind you) a few months ago when I was participating in NaNoWriMo for the first time. November is long gone, but we keep in touch through Twitter’s #WW and #FF and the occasional clicking of the like button on Facebook–best of acquaintances. Anyway, I caught wind of Troy’s short story on Facebook. He was giving the book away on Amazon for a limited time, and I thought, What the hey! It’s free, why not get it? So I downloaded the short story and let it sit on my Kindle for PC with the other stuff that I don’t read. Mind you, I have been disheartened by some of the work I’ve read from Independent Presses, so I don’t read them too much. I also hate reading stories on my computer. It feels too much like work. So Troy’s story sat there and I was content to let it be, that is, until I needed someone else’s work to feature on my website. I don’t know about you, but I’m tired of seeing The BoogeyMann stuff all over my website. I wanted a breath of fresh air, so I thought, Let me see what Troy’s story is about.

I must say that I respect Troy as a writer, and I didn’t want to lose that respect by reading any of his work. Once again, it’s my experience with the Indie Presses. I found that I respect a writer, read their work, find myself thinking, What the hell was that? then lose said respect. Disheartening, like I said before. However, after reading Little Bernie’s Map, my respect for Troy grew. The man is a talented writer and this was showcased in his short story about a family returning home from vacation they couldn’t afford. Daniel, the main character, has just been laid-off; therefore, he and his wife anticipate harsh times to come. As the story progresses, their son Bernie is discovered to have a map (given to him by a stranger) and this map proves to have some mystical powers. The tale was full of wonderful imagery and I was so impressed that I went and purchased another story of Troy’s, The Uninvited Guest. This one won’t be sitting on my computer collecting…dust…in a manner of speaking. When you get a chance, go on over to Amazon and get an ebook copy of Little Bernie’s Map. It’s only 99 cents. What the hey? Why not?

“Heeeeeeerrrrrrrre’s JOHNNY!”

That phrase and the picture to the left has been with me since I was a little boy, although my first time seeing The Shining was today. Yep. Never saw it before. Didn’t get a chance to watch it when I was younger because all I liked to watch was cartoons; however, that phrase and the accompanying image has always stuck with me. When I grew older and became a big fan of Stephen King, my desire to see the movie developed. Apparently my desire wasn’t that great because I never went in search of the film, but it practically fell into my lap yesterday and I was more than eager to watch.

SPOILER ALERT: If you have not seen the movie, you may not want to continue reading. I am about to reveal some very telling scenes.

Alright, now that you’ve been warned, back to my posting. So, The Shining is based on a novel written by Stephen King, and it was brought to the screen by Stanley Kubrick. The movie was pretty good to be so old. I guess this is what constitutes as a classic. And there are not many films that can scare me nowadays, but I must say The Shining actually gave me the creeps. The most chilling thing about the movie was that crazy little boy with the “Tony” living in his mouth and all the “Redrum! Redrum! Redrum!”–crazy little boy and his creepy voice. Jack Nicholson who played Jack Torrance also added a chilling factor to the movie with those signature eyebrows of his. Then there was the dramatic music that added to the suspense just like it was meant to. The ghosts weren’t scary in the least bit, and the rat face wife, Wendy Torrance, brought a bit a comedy to the movie. What? You don’t remember laughing. Well, I did. It all started when she discovered his manuscript that consisted of “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy” over and over again. The woman’s reactions were HILARIOUS! The look on her ugly mug was priceless and the way she swung that bat…funny. And don’t get me started on her facial expression when Jack’s famous scene arrived. The way she looked when that ax came crashing through the bathroom door had me rolling on the floor laughing.

The movie was pretty good, but I felt like the ending was rushed (although I kept looking at the clock wondering when the movie was going to end). Jack chasing his son through the hedge maze was a given and so was the outcome. I knew the man was going to get lost in there. Maybe he should’ve taken walks with his family when they asked. Or maybe he should’ve chopped his way out of the maze. He did have an ax after all. Then there was the cook who came back, only to die in an anticlimactic way. I guess he was just there to deliver the vehicle. Oh, well…throw away character. So I felt like the movie was rushed in the end, but I’m sure the book is awesome. A picture is worth a thousand words, but sometimes it hard to convey certain words in an image, which makes the literature better than the film, often times. All in all, I give The Shining two thumbs up.